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Premier Services (Optional)

Advanced water balancing and water chemistry services optional 
•The Langelier Saturation Index (LSI)
•Non-Toxic Solutions to Standard Chemical practices

Weekly Services 

  • Includes water testing and chemicals added

  • Surface skimmed, walls brushed

  • Floor vacuumed as needed

  • Trap and pump baskets emptied

Bi-Annual Services 

•Filter Changes  (sand, DE or cartridge) cleaned and changed Bi-annually or as needed

•Mineralization Treatments 

Pool & Spa Repair

  • Pumps

  • Motors

  • Heaters

  • Plumbing

  • Electrical

  • Cleaning systems 

  • Dosing systems


  • Acid washes

  • Tile cleaning 

  • Pressure Washing

  • Calcium Removal

  • Green to Clear

  • Energy Efficient Pump installation 

  • Equipment "O" rings and backwash handle lubricated as needed

  • and much more

Services: Services
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